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The Wonder of Floating While Pregnant

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

For those of you expecting...imagine for a minute being weightless. Those extra 25 pounds (and then some) momentarily erased. The ability to float effortlessly, giving way to soothing those achy joints and swollen ankles. The epsom salt relaxing your strained torso muscles. An opportunity to re-familiarize yourself with your physical body while simultaneously forging a deeper connection with your baby.

While it has been 13 years since I was pregnant for the 6th and last time, I can still recall my body feeling heavy, cumbersome, achy, and just not my own. Every one of my pregnancies was different, though each one of them took its toll on my physical body as well as my emotional state of being. Having researched endlessly the benefits of floating, there are so many ways in which floating can lighten your “load” over the course of those nine months and beyond.

Calling all back sleepers…We all know that this is a big no-no during pregnancy. However, floating on your back shouldn’t be an issue. The reason why pregnant women are advised not to lie on their back on a hard flat surface is due to blood flow constriction to the placenta. Also, the weight of the uterus can put pressure on major veins causing dizziness and discomfort for the mom. However, this doesn’t seem to happen during a float session because the mother’s body is weightless and is not resting on a hard surface. This may even be beneficial to lowering blood pressure through improved circulation which can help not only mom, but baby too.

Miss laying on your belly? We have plenty of “tools” that allow you to lay on your belly potentially releasing the pressure of the growing uterus on your organs. Letting the salt water support the extra weight is nothing short of blissful. Previous pregnant floaters in this position have even experienced the baby flipping and no longer being breached!

Floating can also be a profound and spiritual way of connecting with your baby. Removing all other thoughts and discomforts of pregnancy allows you to be at peace and present with your baby. Feeling the tension drain from your body and mind allows you to get to the ultimate state of relaxation. If you are relaxed, so will baby.

What if you spent time visualizing your delivery? Athletes utilize float therapy to visualize their performance…I would venture to say that giving birth is the biggest athletic performance of a woman’s life. The stronger you are mentally, the better the performance.

After baby is born…

Giving birth and caring for a newborn takes its toll on your physical body. I fondly remember my bruised and twisted tailbone, my sacroiliac joint out of whack, my left shoulder constantly aching from caring baby on my hip, my right forearm endlessly sore from carrying the car seat carrier and the list goes on! Soaking for 60 - 90 minutes in 1,100 pounds of epsom salt can be heavenly for those body aches and pains.

As moms we always talk about how we don’t have “time” to take care of ourselves, but by not making the time, we end up wasting so much time. New moms give “running on empty” whole new meaning. What if a 60 minute float could give you just the rest you need. One hour in a float cabin can equate to four hours of rest. Remember, when you're sleep deprived, you’re not thinking clearly and even the most mundane of tasks can take forever to accomplish.

Expecting moms, extend yourself grace and make floating part of your self-care practice. Not only will you be kinder to those around you, your baby will sense your emotions. When you’re calm and rested, those around you will be too.

For more information regarding floating while pregnant, call Imagine Float at 860.255.7771.

As always, in good health,

Michele Beaule, Owner Imagine Float

As a reminder, we are NOT medical professionals. The following is based upon research and personal experience of previous pregnant floaters. We recommend that all expecting mothers seek the approval of their doctor before floating.

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