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Giving back to the community is, and has always been, a core fundamental at Imagine Float. Through numerous charity events and fundraisers, we have already donated over $15,000 in goods and services as well as monetary donations to local non-profit organizations. We sincerely believe that working together as a community ensures we all rise collectively. As such we're committed to giving back as much as possible by offering free service gift cards, cryotherapy fundraisers or sponsorships. 


If you'd like to request support from Imagine Float, we ask that you please submit your request in writing. We review requests every third Tuesday of the month. While we would LOVE to support everyone, we do have a “giving” budget. If we are unable to support you this year, please do not hesitate to request again next year. Thank you in advance for helping us support those in our community who are passionate about making a difference. 


Thank you for your Community Commitment!

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