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WednesdayMay 31, 2023

Summer Exercise Plans? 

Kim from Ignite Fitness is ready to help us start and/or improve your summer fitness program. 

Do you need to add exercise to your life but don’t where to start? 

Do you have challenges or limitations that make you hesitant to start an exercise program?

Can you safely and effectively workout with limitations? 

Are you active, but missing something in your current fitness program? 

Personal training, fitness classes, virtual programming, home workouts…what’s the difference and which is best for you? 


What the heck do they do over there at the place with the big yellow flame, Ignite Fitness? 

Kim will help you identify the best fitness option for you. Even better...All attendees will receive a special gift from the Ignite Fitness team!


Thursday, June 22, 2023

Monthly Member Mingle 

Each month we will be hosting a "Member Mingle"...Imagine Float Members this is your chance to get together and chat about all things wellness. Think of it like book club, but better!


The conversation will begin with a topic, EMSCULPT NEO for June, and then we can let the conversation take us wherever it goes. We will learn from each other, and the owner, Michele, will be your facilitator. If there's room available, members you can bring a guest.


To rsvp, send a text message to 860.453.6109



Sneaker Drive

We will be collecting gently used or new **sneakers** on behalf of Fitness Class Training (FCT).  FCT will send them to Sneakers4Funds and in return will receive $2.00 a pound which FCT then donates to Dog Star Rescue's Veterans Program. Even better, Sneakers4Funds sends the sneakers to developing countries to help start microbusinesses in those areas! Clean out your closets, pick up a pair of sneakers when running errands and support a wonderful cause! To learn more...


Saturday, June 10, 2023


Come see what the buzz is all about and why we are so excited to introduce our latest service...the EMSCULPT NEO! We'll have mimosas, mocktails, treats, raffle prizes, free demos and  best of all special package pricing ONLY available that day. 

Buy 4 EMSCULPT NEO, get 2 FREE and 4 FREE Ballancer® Pro Sessions! 

Buy 6 EMSCULPT NEO, get 3 FREE and 6 FREE Ballancer® Pro Sessions!

Hey "active" get an extra 10% off package pricing. 

To rsvp and/or to preregister for a 10-min demo complete this form!


September 2023

Holistic Hemp Wellness

Curious about Hemp Wellness? We see it everywhere but what is it? Is it safe? How can it help? Lauren Magel from Green Compass will be here to chat about all things hemp wellness! Learn about how it works and how to make sure you are getting a clean product you can trust. 💚🌱

To rsvp, send a text message to 860.453.6109


Monday, June 19, 2023

Healthy Summer Tips

Summer is filled with endless opportunities for indulgences and temptations. A study published in the Physiology & Behavior Journal back in 2016 stated, "During a 1-3 week vacation, adults tend to gain a little less than 1 pound per week." We've asked Julie Puzzo, a local Wellness and Nutrition Coach,  to share 6 of her top tips for a Healthy Summer and to help us defy becoming the statistics.


To rsvp, send a text message to 860.453.6109 ... you can attend live or via zoom but will need to rsvp.

Image by Minh Pham

October 2023

Create A Sleep Sanctuary

Almost one-third of our lives is spent in our bedrooms. Yet our bedrooms often contain harmful toxins that can disrupt sleep and negatively impact our health. The good news is that Carolyn Tierney, CSBA, will be here to share with us the simple steps to create a sleep sanctuary--a non-toxic, healthy bedroom optimal for sleep and relaxation. By making simple changes to our bedrooms, we can enjoy deeper, healthier sleep and improve our overall health and well-being.

To rsvp, send a text message to 860.453.6109

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