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Image by Leohoho

January 26, 2023

The Power of Creativity
7 pm–8 pm

Join Chelsea Moore for a 1-hour virtual workshop about shifting what we consider "healthy" in the world of mental health in the U.S. We will engage in an insightful exercise and discussion about what the healing power of creativity makes available to people who are dealing with the pain and anxiety associated with trauma. This is not an exercise about art or your drawing ability, stick figures are encouraged! Send an email to to rsvp and get the zoom link.

Image by Jakub Kapusnak

January 16, 2023

Food Sensitivity
5 pm--7pm

Dr. Frank Aieta is offering a Complimentary Food Sensitivity Clinic at Imagine Float. The only cost to you is the price of the kit you choose!

Food Sensitivity Testing is one of the fastest ways to identify whether YOUR body has a sensitivity to different foods, colorings and/or additives. These sensitivities, if ignored, can potentially contribute to anxiety/depression, bloating/stomach pain, inability to lose weight, impotence/libido, fatigue/Insomnia, joint pain, constipation/diarrhea, and more! Find out what isn't making YOUR body happy.

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