Massage Therapy



Compression Massage


A simple, consistent, and rhythmic massage that improves range of motion, reduces inflammation, and facilitates deep relaxation. Whether you are using the leg, hip or arm attachments, the simultaneous massage of both sides of your body increases blood flow/circulation, decreases muscle fatigue, and promotes healing and muscle recovery. The attachments use compressed air to massage your limbs and expedite the mobilizing of fluid from your limbs toward your core. Our equipment, NormaTec Recovery, has a patented massage pattern that is believed to be the most effective way to mobilize fluid in and out of the limbs. Each compression session uses a massage pattern that mimics the normal physiology of your body. It begins with a gentle pulse and release action similar to that of your normal “muscle pump” which enhances movement of fluid out of your limbs. It also uses a “hold” pattern to prevent fluid backflow working naturally with your circulatory system. This pattern repeats itself all the way up your limb and then repeats its cycle throughout a thirty minute session. Non-athletes (truck drivers, hairdressers, waiters, bartenders, those that sit at a desk all day) and athletes alike can benefit from this type of recovery massage.


Benefits include:​​


Increased Performance

Blood Flow

Limber Muscles

Decreased Muscle Fatigue

Reduce Swelling

Deep Relaxation

Normatec Compression


Before your first appointment, please fill out our waiver. Each therapy has its own set of contraindications and requires its own waiver. A link to these waivers is included in your appointment confirmation email. 

Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time. Upon arrival, call our center 860.255.7771 to let us know that you are here. You will then be greeted by one of our team members.



In 1998 the NormaTec Pneumatic Compression device was developed by rehabilitation physician and PhD bioengineer Dr. Laura F. Jacobs. Engineering equipment that promotes blood circulation in the body has been a game changer for serious medical conditions.



If I am eligible for alumna status, do I have to go alumna?

No, you always have the option of remaining active as long as you remain enrolled at your university.

What if I dont have all the information I need from my institution to make a decision about my enrollment?

We undestand there is a lot to consider and plan for when deciding what your enrollment looks like for fall. We are here as you navigate and determine what is best for you. If you would like to complete the survey and indicate that you are unsure at this time, you will recieve outreach from a Phi Sig volunteer to offer assistance and receive check-ins on a regular basis. Don't feel rushed, these desisions are important and Phi Sigma Sigma will be here for you when you know more about your plans.

How will dues work when we return in the fall?

The Fraternity has shifted the chapter's dues and fee model for fall 2020 to maintain as much flexiblity as possible, should there be a disruption to course delivery, chapter activities or the health and safety of our members. You will pay your annual Fraternity "national" dues just as you normally would in the fall. However, instead of paying local dues on a combined invoice, you will "pay-as-you-go" based on the activities you choose to participate in with the chapter. Learn more about Fall 2020 dues and fee.

What if my MAL, standards board, executive board, etc. won't respond to me?

Your executive board and standards board are not involved in the status change process for fall 2020. The Fraternity (HQ) feels it is important that you have an opportunity to go right to the source and receive a prompt response. We can be reached at to schedule a time to connect and answer your questions.

My chapter's alumnae still get to come to events if they are near campus, this says I cannot. Has something changed?

As an alumna member of Phi Sigma Sigma, you are not extended the following privileges associated with collegiate membership:

  • Participation or attendance at chapter events not open to the public (in-person and virtual)
  • Voice and vote in chapter business
  • Distribution of chapter email, membership in chapter social/communication platforms for members
  • Representation on the chapter composite
The above rights and priviledges are reserved for active collegiate members only. We understand that as alumnae, you want to continue to foster the friendships you've made during your time as a collegian. We encourage you to remain connected with your friends and participate in the chapter's dedicated alumnae events. However, other chapter programming including sisterhoods, social events, recruitment events, bid day and new member programming is reserved for active members only. Attempts to participate or become involved with chapter business may result in Fraternity disciplinary action. As an alumna, you will continue to receive Fraternity communication and are invited to join Phi Sigma Sigma’s Once, Always Facebook community.

What documentation is required? Where do I find it?

Some status change requests require documentation. Depending on your circumstances you may be asked to provide the following documentation:

  • Graduation or Senior Standing: Academic transcripts (unofficial are acceptable)
  • Internship, Student Teaching, Study Abroad, Essential Worker: Official correspondence from your university and/or employer confirming your participation in an approved program
All documentation is accepted digitally on the membership survey. Due to COVID-19 we no longer require proof of good standing for GPA and finances.

How do I know if my status change has been approved?

You will receive an automated email confirming your status.

What is the deadline to change my status?

While we understand there is a lot to consider at this time, your chapter will start planning fall as early as possible to make sure you have a safe and thoughtful plan for fall. Our priority deadline is July 24. However, if you require more time to consider your enrollment decision or something changes with your fall plan, please contact for assistance.

How long does the process take?

For most people the process is fully automated. If you are going to be an active member, the survey will confirm your status right away. For anyone that is asked to provide additional information for their response the Fraternity aims to respond to all status change requests within two business days of submission. Some status changes may require additional follow up.

Why is disaffilation not listed as a status option?

If you would like to discuss disaffiliation please contact

What events are mandatory?

We are still operating in unprecedented times. Chapters will be coached to eliminate and minimize events to only those that are compliant with state, county and campus requirements and the CDC guidelines. There will not be many events that are mandatory moving forward. We don’t want you taking on any more risk than you are comfortable with. If an event is being held that the chapter believes should be mandatory and in-person - it should also have a virtual accommodation provided.

I am transferring to a school with a Phi Sig chapter. What should I do?

Reach out to your CSM who will connect you with the archon at your new school. You have the option to affiliate for one semester to see if it’s the right fit. If after that semester you choose to leave, you can regain alumna status. However, you are not obligated to affiliate with a chapter on your new campus.

What will happen if I have a refund from spring 2020 that is being held as a credit, but I am now taking Satellite or Alumna status with no balance?

Once the survey closes we will reconcile who falls into this category and process Billhighway refund checks. Note: The process of closing the survey and requesting the checks could take up to 8 weeks.



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