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It's Time To Detox!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Infrared Detox can improve fatigue, brain fog, bloating & more

While your body is magical in that it has natural systems in place to detoxify, occasionally, they become overwhelmed, congested, and sluggish. At Imagine Float our services, individually or in conjunction with one another, can aid in the recalibration process.

An infrared sauna session is a relaxing and soothing way to promote detoxification through sweating without exposing the body to potentially harmful high temperatures. Infrared saunas use heat-producing light waves to penetrate the body and heat from within, producing a deeper and longer sustained level of sweating than a traditional sauna. Studies indicate that when you sweat in an infrared sauna you are sweating 20% toxins and 80% water vs. 3% and 97%, respectively, in a traditional sauna?!?!

Although one of the benefits of a 60-minute Float session is to gently float away tension and stress, don’t underestimated its ability to aid in detoxification. Your body floats effortlessly and without gravity thereby relieving it of the pressure of its own weight and contact points allowing your blood vessels to fully dilate aiding in the removal of toxins. Additionally, the parasympathetic system, the rest and digest system, is activated while our sympathetic nervous system, responsible for fight or flight, surrenders. As a final added benefit, Epsom salt is the catalyst to float therapy which itself is believed to draw out toxins.

Finally, the Ballancer® Pro is a touchless compression therapy based upon the principles of manual lymphatic drainage that helps flush out swelling and eliminate toxins by decongesting problem areas in your body. Not only is it effective in recalibrating your lymphatic system (the sewage system in your body), but it is also profoundly relaxing due to its gentle, consistent, and rhythmic massage technique.

While each of these services are effective individually, the three combined are the “Ultimate Detox”! For more information about our services, visit or call tto book your Ultimate Detox today, call 860.255.7771.

Imagine Float is a locally owned, award-winning, woman-owned wellness center in Avon, CT. We offer several innovative healing therapies that when used in synergy they have endless benefits for your physical and mental well-being.

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