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Into The Unknown ~ My Frozen Story

Back in December 2019, my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I thought about it for a while and realized that the only thing I really needed was time. He asked me to be a BIT more specific so I explained to him that as a working mom, I rarely have time to focus completely on myself. What I was looking for was a commitment where I could spend a certain amount of time doing whatever I needed to do without guilt. By this point, he was on board but also pretty annoyed at my lack of specificity, so I sent him a link. I wanted him to get me an Wellness Journey which allows you to try all four of their services. This way I could decide which services were the most physically and mentally beneficial for me prior to purchasing a monthly membership.

On Christmas Day, my gift certificate for my Wellness Journey was under the tree. I was beyond excited. By February, I had already tried float therapy, infrared sauna and compression therapy. But for reasons unknown to me at the time, I was hesitant to pull the trigger on cryotherapy. I kept putting it off until I got a reminder almost a year later that my cryotherapy session was going to expire. Not wanting to lose out on the money we had spent, I booked my appointment.

I was apprehensive in the weeks leading up to it. Cryotherapy seemed like something serious athletes do, not 40 something, chronically ill moms. But cryotherapy was actually invented as a way to help people suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis. The treatment helps reduce pain