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Cryotherapy For Athletes

Whether you are a competitive athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or a weekend warrior, your goal is to stay active and injury free as long as you can. One of the most important aspects for longevity is passive recovery. We all understand the benefits of staying active, yet we underestimate the value of the recovery process. Fatigued muscles compromise strength, flexibility, and coordination potentially leading to injury. Passive recovery between training sessions, allows your muscles to heal and rebuild, restore your energy, increase your strength, boost your metabolism, increase bone density, and most importantly reduce risk of injury. More and more athletes are using Whole Body Cryotherapy, like champion runner Mo Farah, in an attempt to improve their performance and ward off injury.

So what exactly is Whole Body Cryotherapy? I like to describe Whole Body Cryotherapy as “smoke and mirrors.” It is often mistaken as an “icing”