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Localized Cryotherapy




Localized cryotherapy is an exhilarating service that can reduce inflammation and swelling while stimulating collagen production. Our state-of-the-art device uses dry, carbon dioxide vapors, safely and effectively, to lower the skin's surface temperature from 90 degrees Fahrenheit to approximately 45 degrees Fahrenheit as quickly as possible in a specific and targeted area. This action triggers the body's natural reaction that causes the blood vessels in that area to constrict. As soon as the cold source is removed, the body warms the area by expanding the blood vessels, approximately four times their original diameter, and flooding the area with blood that has been enriched with oxygen, hormones, nutrients, and activated enzymes. At the same time, by-products and waste are removed from the area via the lymphatic system. When using localized cryotherapy for pain management, benefits can include accelerated healing and recovery from an injury, inflammatory condition, or simply overuse when used in conjunction with other rehabilitation treatments. Our Certified Cryotherapy Specialists can also use this same device, using specialized attachments and techniques, for esthetic benefits. For example, clear acne, rejuvenate hair growth, tighten and brighten the skin with a cryo facial, and more. Rely on Imagine Float for premium localized cryotherapy treatments available to clients across Avon, West Hartford, Farmington, CT & beyond! Contact us today!

Benefits can include:


Decreased inflammation 

Reduced swelling

Minimize a migraine episode

Decreased wrinkles & fine lines

Skin condition improvements

Energizes & revitalizes

Joint function improvement

Hair rejuvenation

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Localized Cryotherapy Treatment


Before your first appointment, please fill out our waiver. Each therapy has its own set of contraindications and requires its own waiver. A link to this waiver is included in your appointment confirmation email. 

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our knowledgeable staff who will answer any questions you may have and escort you to your touchless service(s).

Localized Cryo for Pain

Localized Cryo for Pain

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